In this campaign I hope to have equal parts Wes Craven, John Woo, and Kevin Smith. I hope to give everyone a very gritty,raw, realistic(with in the realm of Vampires, spooks, and elves with swords) and fun experience. I will be bringing alot of ambiance to the table…literally….Music and props will be used and hopefully not over-used. I just want to make sure that the few hours you give me as your GM are worth it.

Just a quick note on rules…..please let any of them that you are fond of know, that should they get in the way of having a good time, or if they decide it would be a good idea to start an arguement that they will be summarily executed for high treason against the good time….

And now please warm up your dice, crack a soda, bring a fresh pair of underwear and get ready to get the beejezzus scared out of you….The Carrion Crown beckons…..

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